Top 10 reasons to take a stargazing holiday

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  1. I’ve been twice to Iceland but didn’t see the Aurora either time so it’s still on my wish list. The star gazing in Namibia was incredible. We’d stand outside at night and look up and just gaze at the constellations and Milky Way. Just beautiful. Keep me posted about South Downs Dark Skies Festival….!

    • Sara Dobak says:

      I’ve just been reading your Namibia post and it’s fired me up to visit even more – it was already on the wishlist as it contains Africa’s only Dark Sky Reserve (as of today), although that’s quite a way further south than where you were. I’ll definitely keep you in the loop re: South Downs Dark Skies Festival 🙂

  2. The Aurora is definitely on my wishlist but you’ve convinced me that there’s much more to astrotourism too! It’s a whole different fascinating world to discover.

    • Sara Dobak says:

      If I’ve convinced you about astrotourism’s many options, then I’m a happy bunny – mission accomplished! 😀

  3. Anna Parker says:

    For me I would need to see the northern lights at the same time – I love watching the stars at home (although I only know a few names) so I’d love to see the colours as well

    • Sara Dobak says:

      Oh the aurorae are amazing for sure – in fact just the last couple of nights there was increased activity in the UK, although not as far south as us, unfortunately.

  4. Oh, those photographs! Aren’t they fabulous. And we still haven’t organised a trip out for some night photography! Haven’t we been talking about it on and off for over a year now?

    • Sara Dobak says:

      Yes, it’s shocking…definitely at least a year. Maybe if you join me at the South Downs Dark Skies Festival in February we can finally make a start!

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