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Harvest decorations

Celebrating the September Equinox – autumn festivals around the world

Autumn has always been my favourite time of year. The trees begin to shed their jewelled leaves and the Sun starts to descend on its annual path, casting deep, golden shafts of light across fields and homesteads in the late afternoons. According to the shops, it’s already almost Christmas, but stop! I don’t want to fast-forward to the end of December, I want to savour this wonderful, transitional time of year. And what better way...

7 unusual holiday ideas – how to add stargazing to your travel plans

The worst thing about going on holiday is that all too soon it will be over and you’ll be wearing those post-holiday blues like an invisible blanket of gloom. Our leisure time is limited so it’s tempting to stick to a tried-and-tested formula that you know works best. But what if your needs have changed or you want to try something a little different, yet sustainable? There are many new trends in tourism to tempt...

Top 10 reasons to take a stargazing holiday

Imagine yourself on a clear night, away from the city centre, gazing up at a velvety canopy studded with millions of sparkling far-off suns. Well, imagining that scene is often the closest we get to seeing those worlds beyond our own, thanks to an increasingly urban population and hectic lifestyle. Whether it’s lack of time, cloudy skies or an excess of artificial light, our chances of seeing more than a handful of the brightest stars...

A New Trend in Fusion Festivals

This weekend sees me returning to the great outdoors for my first Solarsphere Festival experience. It’s part of a growing trend in astrotourism activities and events around the world and I’m excited to be visiting a part of Wales (Builth Wells) I don’t know and combining 3 of my favourite things; travel, astronomy and music.

Calar Alto Observatory

Spain’s Star Attraction – Calar Alto

High above the citrus groves of the Almanzora Valley, beyond the sun-baked terraces of traditional Spanish pueblo life, strange white-domed shapes loom like imposing bulbous giants atop the pine-clad Sierra de los Filabres. For the curious among us wondering what menace or mystery lies upon these mountain summits, a little further exploration reveals all.  At an altitude of 2,168 metres, nestling among rocky moss-strewn outcrops and occasional herds of springing Spanish Ibex goats, lies the...

Dragon in the Sky – Chasing a Total Eclipse

In March 2015, a partial eclipse of the Sun, visible from Britain, brought back fond memories of a frantic chase across rolling countryside on Wednesday 11th August 1999, the last time a total solar eclipse was visible from the UK (from the tip of Cornwall). Only this wasn’t the Cornish peninsula we were crossing, but the mosaic of French fields dotting the rural landscape in northern France.   Pin it for later