Following in Their Footsteps – My 2016 Travel Blog Role Models

  Time flies when you’re having fun. Or, in my case, when you’re an emerging travel blogger trying to juggle the multiple demands of content creation, networking, social media management….oh and, you know – actual travelling. Suddenly, I find that a year has passed since I made that decision to ‘go for it’ and plunge myself into a world of more uncertainty but infinitely more excitement too. Along the way, I’ve taken inspiration from my...

Impressions of India Part 1 – Discovering Delhi

The South Asian jewel of India is one of those intriguing countries that seems at once so alien yet familiar. I’m sure we all have preconceptions of what it’s like; the sounds, colours, aromas, tastes and cultural experiences we’d encounter. Until I get a chance to visit, I’ll have to make do with reading about it from others. With that in mind, I’m pleased to bring you the first part of a trilogy of posts, by guest author David Bader. Here are David’s first ‘Impressions of India’.

6 Simple Lessons That Travelling Teaches Us

  A favourite school teacher once told me that ‘you learn more from failure than from success’. I believe that to be true in many contexts, and when it comes to travelling it’s particularly relevant. Last week a very carefully planned but difficult journey ended unsuccessfully, as the European Space Agency’s Schiaparelli probe crash landed on Mars, ending its life-searching mission before it properly began. As an astronomy enthusiast, I’m always disappointed when these missions...

Re-Connecting With Nature: #ShareYourOutdoors

In these times of constant connectivity, many of us are permanently stooped forwards, eyes down poring over texts and tweets – barely looking at what’s in front of us, let alone what’s high in the skies above us. What we are losing connection with, it seems, is Mother Nature. I’m sometimes guilty of that myself. It’s easily done, there’s always something else that needs doing; an errand to run, some shopping to do – life...

Highlights of Vibrant Vancouver – A City To Savour

Canada’s vastness means it not only has natural wealth in abundance, but some seriously impressive urban charms too. None more so than Vancouver, rightfully deemed one of the best cities in the world in which to live. There’s so much to see and do in this friendly and open city and here are some of my favourite spots that give Vancouver its unique appeal.

Cruising into New Territory – The Norwegian Fjords

It’s not that I have anything against water, but I’ve always been more of an over-lander or fly-driver when it comes to international travel. So tomorrow is going to be a case of in at the deep end (metaphorically speaking, I trust), as I head off on my first cruise proper, to the Norwegian Fjords. By ‘first cruise proper’ I mean something beyond a cross-channel ferry, which is as far as I’ve ventured so far...

Opitsaht, cow, clayoquot, canada

The Curious Case of the Opitsaht Cows of Vancouver Island

To be fair, the cows themselves don’t rouse all that much curiosity. I am, after all, talking regular mooing livestock commonly found roaming in herds across green fields or dusty plains. It’s where you find this particular little group of cattle, and what brought them there, that adds the hefty pinch of intrigue.