Why Cuenca is Ecuador’s Loveliest City

Some have said Cuenca stands on the site of what was once El Dorado, the mythical city of gold which the Spanish Empire searched for in vain. Today, this city in southern Ecuador owes its architectural heritage to those marauding Spanish Conquistadors themselves, and is the country’s most important city after the capital, Quito. I wandered the historical city centre and soaked up that ambience during a backpacking trip to South America, and found much...

Impressions of India Part 2 – A Brief Stopover in Bangalore

A few months ago, I introduced you to my former colleague David Bader (and his unique way of seeing things), as he visited India on a work familiarisation trip. We now join David on days 3 and 4 of his visit. As with the first article, (I recommend you read it first if you haven’t already done so!) it’s a collection of his thoughts and observations, told as only he can tell them. Here is the second instalment of ‘Impressions of India’.

The Rare Ecosystem and Alien Landscapes of Paracas National Reserve in Peru

With the gold and russet dunes folding into each other in the distance, I stepped straight out onto the arid Martian landscape. Or so it seemed. If it wasn’t for the bold blue of our earthly sky, I could have sworn I’d just set foot on our neighbouring planet. That, and the fact I wasn’t wearing a spacesuit or breathing apparatus! It certainly wasn’t the panorama I was expecting to be met by when I booked...

The East Side Gallery – Berlin’s Cold War Canvas

For a city saturated with graffiti at almost every turn, it’s hard to imagine how any one section of Berlin’s urban art canvasses could stand out.

But here, along a 1.3km riverside stretch at Mühlenstraße, a generation’s hopes, dreams and frustrations lie splattered poignantly across the longest remaining segment of the Berlin Wall.

12 Things to Enjoy in Mojácar in the Early Season

I love the south-east of Spain at any time of year, but a recent post by a fellow travel writer struck a chord with me. In it, she mentions the benefits of visiting destinations in the low season, and it reminded me of my time living in Spain’s Almería province…