In Impressions of India Part 1, we ‘met’ my former colleague David Bader (and his unique way of seeing things), as he visited India for the first time, to promote Norway. As we join David on days 3 and 4 of his visit, we find him a bit tired (the heat makes sleeping challenging), but thoroughly enjoying the food – no surprises there. He’s due to fly south for a brief visit to Bangalore. What will he encounter on this next stage of his fam trip. Here is the second instalment of ‘Impressions of India’.

Day Three | From Delhi to Bangalore

It’s just another day at the (Delhi) office!


Third day in India, third type of noodles
Triple Espresso needed today
Three hours of sleep is too little….

Why does everyone want to carry my bag all the time? It makes me slightly uncomfortable…I’m not all that special.

Why is there no Wi-Fi? No Wi-Fi, no business!

I’m at the Delhi office again. The Norwegian Trolls I have brought for the office quiz have been released from the bubble-wrap. I hope they’re feeling OK 😀 I can talk for hours about my love of Norway, which is just as well…

‘What time of the year is best for the Northern Lights?’ I get asked.

Hmmm…perhaps you could read the information pack first?

LUNCH!! Buffet!! Foooood!!

Then straight to the airport. And again someone wants to carry my bag..

So, that was my last visit at the Delhi office – I learned a lot about people, but I didn’t get to see who won my Norwegian Troll! Off to the airport and Bangalore for a workshop.
OK, I now know car horns are used to say ‘Make way, I’m coming through’ / ‘Go away’.

Or alternatively…

  • ‘I’m bored’
  • ‘others are doing it, so why not?’
  • ‘hello, it’s nice to see you’
  • ‘hey, you are in my way’
  • ‘there’s a possibility that you might be in my way at some point, so I’ll just honk anyway’

Above all else, your horn should scare people…HONK HONK!
Remind me to never complain about Oslo traffic ever again.

Goodbye Delhi, hello Bangalore…eventually

Nooo..the plane from Delhi to Bangalore is going to be late! Our domestic 3-hour flight has been delayed by 2.5 hours. Compensation! Refund! Discount! 

The traffic looks as bad on the runway as it is on the streets.
People still want to carry my bag.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…midnight noodle snack and Redbull on the plane.
Arrival at Bangalore at 2am, weird to be sightseeing at this time of night.

Suddenly, 22 degrees feels so cold…

Hey, traffic seems to be much calmer here!
Honk honk… never mind, I take back what I just said.
I’m at the hotel, but not happy with 5-stars since I found out there are 7-star hotels. Wi-Fi is a nightmare again! Got to be up in 3hrs again…ahh but sleep is overrated!

Day Four | Bangalore, briefly

Breakfast in Bangalore

Sleep IS overrated… 3 hours is more than enough, I’m OK.
If you tell me to be ready at 7.45, I am ready at 7.45. Why are you so surprised? Do you think only the Swiss show up at the agreed time ?

Different city, different breakfast..
No more bacon ☹ but wow, the coconut chutney is amazing.
I forgot to praise the coriander & chilli chutney from yesterday in Delhi.
Oh, and I lost a fight against a stomach bug. Nothing a pill can’t fix.

Hello Mr David, can I carry your bag?
Hello Mr David, can I carry your bag?
Hello Mr David, can I carry your bag?
NO! My bag! MINE! Ok fine, since you already grabbed it out of my hand!

Still accident free, both in traffic and with stomach bug, if you understand my meaning!

Bangalore is very different from Delhi, the centre seems somehow cleaner.

Again no internet at the workshop. A guy sends me to reception to get the wi-fi code, they send me to another dude, who sends me to the conference guy, who sends me back to reception. Ahhh, it’s the guy putting up the cables that was supposed to give me the code. He looked confused, but grabbed a paper in his pocket and gave me the code.

NO is not an answer for me – I will find a way ?

It seems calmer today then yesterday, and there are many more work-related questions. Today’s winner of the Troll didn’t even say thank you. My last Troll feels lonely now. He is going to meet his new owner tomorrow.

I had something for lunch which was really sour, but really good.
Southern Indian food is also delicious.

Hmmm – there’s a customer complaint. I’ll have to look into this, because it seems weird that this could happen. It’s midday – time for a 1 hour power nap before we head off towards Mumbai.

That was a quick visit! Off to the airport for Mumbai now.


Mumbai, the final leg

Hello Mr David, can I carry your bag?
Rush hour traffic… this is just insane… why do people even bother to have a car here, you can’t get anywhere? 4km in 1 hour, walking would have been faster.

1-hour queue at check-in *sigh*. On board, I’ve been given some weird soda drink with lime and mint, strange. The little boy in the row in front of me is standing up on his seat and is always staring at me.

BOOO! Oops, lol, I scared the hell out of him.

Took him 30 min before he looked again.

Hello Mr David, can I offer you something to eat?
How do you know my name? Ah yes, I am the only white guy on the plane!
Noodles! HOT HOT HOT! But tasty.

There’s a meet and greet service with my name on a sign at the airport… I feel important
It’s warmer here in Mumbai,  and because it is raining it feels even hotter.

Check into hotel, meh… not that impressed but guess I am not in the 7-stars category…I don’t feel so important anymore.
I think I’ll go for a walk outside.
The aroma
The smell ☹
This is new..people honking at me from their cars as I WALK past?

So much street food to choose from –  it’s a challenge! I go for grilled chicken… yum!
Let’s see how this helps my stomach situation 😀

Now I have been watching Indian TV news in Hindi for hours and I don’t understand anything, even though every now and then they use English words.

Time to sleep.

Thankfully, the ‘stomach bug’ pills are still working!😀

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Disclosure: David Bader is an experienced tourism professional, living in Norway. All views and opinions expressed are his own.