Following in Their Footsteps – My 2016 Travel Blog Role Models

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  1. Katie says:

    Hi Sara – I’m so touched by this post! We all do what we do to inspire others and quite frankly you’ve made my day 🙂 also loving the other blogs – can’t wait to check them all out and congratulations for juggling everything you have in your first year! Funnily enough, like Lucy I’ve now swapped my monthly roundups for a weekly newsletter which I hope you find just as useful! Keep going and can’t wait to see what the next year brings! xx

    • Sara Dobak says:

      That’s so good to hear, Katie, and thanks for the words of encouragement. Inspiration does sometimes come you from an unexpected source, and that gesture on your part made a big difference to me. Here’s to next year! Cheers! xx

  2. Johanna Read says:

    Such kind words – thank you! So lovely that you included me. I follow a few of the others you mentioned but will check out everyone. Thank you!
    Johanna @TravelEater Read

    • Sara Dobak says:

      You’re very welcome, Johanna – it was important for me to acknowledge those who have provided support or been generous with their time, as well as just admiring content. 🙂

  3. Lucy says:

    Thanks so much for the mention – I’m in some great company! There’s a couple of new blogs to me in there too so I’ll be checking them out. (Though I feel bad now as my monthly summaries are going off the blog and becoming my newsletter!).

    • Sara Dobak says:

      A pleasure, Lucy. In truth, I’d started reading your blog long before the #ExploreCanada connection – it was your play-on-words blog name that caught my attention to begin with! As for the summaries becoming newsletters, as long as I can subscribe I can deal with that! 🙂

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