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When Travel Dreams Fade – The Eclipse That Wouldn’t Wait

  I’m sitting here writing this tale of discarded travel plans, wondering whether I should have let it get to me so much. I mean, I’m not the only one who has had to soak up the disappointment of cancelling a dream holiday due to those pesky ‘circumstances beyond our control’. But as a unique and memorable travel adventure, this trip was off-the-scale awesome. And the series of setbacks leading up to this moment at my...

View from the Shinglemill Restaurant, Powell River

5 Things I Discovered About the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

That’s right, the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. In Canada, not Australia. If you thought this westernmost of Canadian provinces was all about the Rockies, the gateway city of Vancouver and great swathes of temperate rainforest brimming with bears, you’d be overlooking a fascinating little series of coastal communities that deserve to be equally celebrated. It was on a changeable June morning that I found myself driving an RV for the first time and sitting patiently...

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Revisiting Favourite Places – Flashbacks of Canada

When you fall in love with a destination, and re-visit it after many years, there is often a slight risk that it won’t live up to the reputation your rosy memories have bestowed upon it. For starters, has it changed much since you were there? Are you even the same person you were then, or have your life experiences altered the way you see things? Will you wish you’d never gone back, and left those...

Dragon in the Sky – Chasing a Total Eclipse

In March 2015, a partial eclipse of the Sun, visible from Britain, brought back fond memories of a frantic chase across rolling countryside on Wednesday 11th August 1999, the last time a total solar eclipse was visible from the UK (from the tip of Cornwall). Only this wasn’t the Cornish peninsula we were crossing, but the mosaic of French fields dotting the rural landscape in northern France.   Pin it for later