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Tea Gardens & Tolstoy, at Tuckton in Dorset

Along the river Stour estuary in Dorset, it’s not unusual to see a flurry of activity at any given time. It could be a synchronicity of oars from Christchurch Rowing Club on a Saturday morning, or a chorus of quacks and cackles from a medley of local wildfowl at Stanpit Marsh at sundown. Or perhaps ramblers taking in the views from the Stour Valley Way, the long-distance footpath that runs along almost all the river’s...

The East Side Gallery – Berlin’s Cold War Canvas

For a city saturated with graffiti at almost every turn, it’s hard to imagine how any one section of Berlin’s urban art canvasses could stand out.

But here, along a 1.3km riverside stretch at Mühlenstraße, a generation’s hopes, dreams and frustrations lie splattered poignantly across the longest remaining segment of the Berlin Wall.