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The Castle Garden of Malmö – an urban oasis

Less than 10 minutes’ walk from Malmö’s Central Train Station and even closer to the city’s famous Lilla Torg medieval square, lies a little enclave of ecological heaven which is easy to miss if you don’t know it’s there. The Castle Garden, or Slottsträdgården, is an organically-managed series of plant and vegetable gardens with a café, nestled between the major attractions of Malmö Castle and the impressive trees and parkland of both Slottsparken and the...

Summertime Bees and Blooms – A Wildflower Meadow in Hampshire

This month has been a busy one beyond belief for me, for a hotchpotch of reasons, some good and others not so much. I’ve been industriously buzzing around sorting, organising, planning for everything from a likely house move, through a (not-looked-forward-to) operation, to a couple of weddings – one in the glorious setting of Amberly Castle, the other in Sweden. All of which hasn’t left me much time to put hands to keyboard and turn...

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The Curious Case of the Opitsaht Cows of Vancouver Island

To be fair, the cows themselves don’t rouse all that much curiosity. I am, after all, talking regular mooing livestock commonly found roaming in herds across green fields or dusty plains. It’s where you find this particular little group of cattle, and what brought them there, that adds the hefty pinch of intrigue.