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…to Travel Continuum, where every journey tells a story. 

I’m a writer and tourism professional with extensive travel experience.  I’ve never been too far away from the next trip, and working in the industry for many years has been a major factor. I’m fortunate to have visited many destinations in that capacity, including spells of living and working overseas.


Origins of  Travel Continuum

The foundations of Travel Continuum are rooted in my love for exploration and travel, combined with my lifelong enjoyment of all things astronomical and my commitment to ecological integrity. 

After several years’ of wanting to attempt something travel-writey but never quite gathering enough time, confidence or momentum, I finally bit the bullet in early 2015 and began to draw up some plans. It took almost a year of incubation before Travel Continuum emerged in its current form

I take my responsibility to promote ethical travel very seriously and the thread of sustainability runs through every journey that I make. I’m mindful of it on all my travels, without exception, either learning about it, applauding its supporters or encouraging its improvement.

I’m honoured to have been a sponsor with Plan International for over 10 years and was privileged to visit my sponsor child in Bolivia in 2012. I’ve also worked with both regional and international charities such as The Red Cross, and am a keen supporter of the World Land Trust.

Work With Me

Travel Continuum provides quality input and original, honest and informative content across a range of travel-related subjects.

For suggestions on working with me on the subject of astrotourism, go to this dedicated page.

For information on consulting services in supplier Safety Management Systems, see dedicated page here.

In June this year I was invited to participate in an epic trans-Canadian road trip campaign, in support of Travelator Media. The campaign was commissioned and organised by Destination Canada.

Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast

Kathryn Burrington, from Travel With Kat, began the adventure, flying into Vancouver before heading off a two-week road trip that would take her. and her friend Sara, north along the Sunshine Coast and then across to Vancouver Island. Highlights along the way included Black Bear and whale watching, discovering British Columbia’s fabulous food and drink scene and the mighty Douglas Firs of Cathedral Grove. Their journey ended back in the beautiful city of Vancouver.”

The campaign and its resulting posts have proved to have a strong impact across all channels, with media exposure through Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Youtube. Travel Continuum’s piece on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia has proved to be a popular addition to the campaign.

With over 20 years in the field of travel across many disciplines I know what drives market forces and that means I know what to look for in a destination.

I’d welcome any of your own thoughts and would love to share ideas, tips or other words of advice, so please do drop by and say hello! Go with the flow, ring in the changes and get the Travel Continuum perspective.

Continuum:  something that changes in character gradually or in very slight stages without any clear dividing points

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