About me

Welcome to Travel Continuum and thanks for dropping by…

I’m Sara Dobak, a tourism professional, writer and editor currently based in glorious Somerset. 

At Travel Continuum, I write about a rainbow of life experiences, from the travel adventures that have taken me far and wide over the years, to the challenging, day-to-day stuff we all have to deal with between those precious leisure trips. Whether you want some tips and inspiration for a trip to Bolivia or wonder how you might go mortgage-free in less than 10 years, I’d love you to join me in navigating this changing world.

Origins of Travel Continuum

I was born in London, England, to a Spanish mother and Hungarian father and grew up very close to Heathrow airport. I’m not claiming those facts influenced or instigated my love for travel, but it’s a possibility!

In my mid-20s, I began working for my an independent travel company, where I had my first taste of travel writing. But it was only many years later, after a good friend of mine joined the blogging world, that I thought of taking it further. I finally bit the bullet in 2016 and formed Travel Continuum, a dedicated travel blog.  Meanwhile, life continued to happen. House moves, redundancy, job changes, family stuff, domestic issues, health changes. Just life ‘stuff’. But the blog kept me sane!

Fast forward to early 2020 and Covid-19

A ‘continuum’ is something that changes in character over time – and Travel Continuum is no exception!

Recently, like many others, I’ve been attempting to make sense of the changes befalling us. It’s not simply about coronavirus though. The climate crisis continues to escalate alarmingly and the world seems to be fragmenting into smaller pieces instead of uniting. And while I’m proud of Travel Continuum’s origin as a straight-up travel blog, it made sense to add another dimension to the mix.

You’ll still find those travel tales; my unforgettable RV trip to Canada, for example, or that intriguing stop-by at Berlin’s East Side Gallery. But I’ll be peppering these pages with some of that life stuff I mentioned. There’ll be tips, suggestions, opinions and the occasional rant. I won’t be trying to change your life, but I hope you may find a useful nugget or two of info. Or feel free to simply laugh/despair/sympathise with me!

In addition to this blog, I’m the founder of Going Cosmic, an online astrotourism resource for travellers, tour operators and astrotourism service providers. I’ve also contributed as a freelancer to other websites, such as Boutique Travel Blog and Sussex Bloggers, as well as providing editorial and proofreading services.