A Warm Welcome at the Star Hotel & Restaurant in Twynholm, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

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  1. Sounds lovely – as I’m gluten-free it’s always a bonus to have a range of GF options (that Brewdog beer is fab too!). I spend a lot of time in Edinburgh as my sister lives up there but keep meaning to get out and explore more of Scotland, so many great places to visit.

    • Sara Dobak says:

      I booked The Star in a bit of a rush and didn’t even look at the menu in advance, so it was a real plus to discover their GF options – it elevated them even higher in my book!

  2. You certainly discovered a little gem Sara and it looked to be the perfect base for the conference. I always use a breakfast as a benchmark when rating a hotel and it seems The Star nailed it. The surrounding area looks wonderfully explorable..

    • Sara Dobak says:

      Breakfast as a benchmark – I love that, a great method 🙂 I loved Dumfries & Galloway, I think it’s rather underrated and often bypassed.

  3. I knew you’d gone to the conference in Scotland and it did make me chuckle when I saw the name of the hotel you stayed in. You really couldn’t have stayed anywhere else. And how wonderful to have such personal attention that only 3 rooms affords. Sounds like a great place to stay for exploring that part of Scotland.

    • Sara Dobak says:

      I know, I would say it was written in the stars, but I don’t believe in astrology! I’d recommend it to anyone visiting that area

  4. We are so pleased that you had such an enjoyable stay, Linda is a true Star!
    Thank you also for taking the time to include us in your travel review
    We hope you’re able to return soon

  5. Anna Parker says:

    I love little places like this, friendly staff, great breakfast and the perfect rural location

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