A Sustainable Road Trip in El Baix Empordà, Costa Brava

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10 Responses

  1. Costa Brava has a lot of interesting buildings. The Prius and the building are exceptionally fascinating to view. Would love to walk these streets and neighborhood.

  2. Anna Parker says:

    I think I have a ‘thing’ for medieval towns too! Excellent that there were so many in such a short distance!

    • Sara Dobak says:

      Yes, it’s one of the historical periods I find most intriguing, but undoubtedly the reality of those times was far less appealing than the slightly romanticised version I tend to have in my head 🙂

  3. So many beautiful spots in an area of Spain that I can’t say I know much much about. Definitely a region I need to explore. Calella de Palafrugell looks delightful and I can just imagine having a delicious fish lunch in one of the restaurants overlooking the bay.

    • Sara Dobak says:

      I’ve been to Catalunya 4 or 5 times now and still feel I’ve barely scratched the surface. In other words, when you get to visit for that fish lunch, make sure you invite me along too! 😉

  4. It would have taken me about 10 seconds to say yes to this assignment! What a great way to highlight the eco-friendly Prius by visiting these culturally rich and historical towns. This area of Spain really captured my heart when I had the chance to visit and Begur was my absolute favorite. Thanks for the memories!

    • Sara Dobak says:

      I knew this would appeal to you, Alison! I’d love to have explored Begur properly, but there’s only so much you can cover in a day!

  5. Happy memories! Weren’t those villages pretty and I’m still pining for our beautiful car.

    • Sara Dobak says:

      Absolutely 🙂 I’m still amazed how much we packed into just one day and 50km!

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