Harmony of the Seas , City Terminal, Southampton

Harmony of the Seas – A Seafaring Giant

For the last couple of days, Royal Caribbean’s new flagship Harmony of the Seas, has been waiting patiently outside City Terminal in Southampton, anticipating the green light for her maiden voyage. She’s the largest cruise ship in the world, and a template for the kind of floating city you might see in a sci-fi or fantasy movie.  At almost 7,000 passenger capacity and housing over 2,000 crew members, she is the equivalent length of 4...

Light at the end of the tunnel

Identity Crisis – What’s In A Blog Name? (Part 2)

Previously, on ‘Identity Crisis – What’s In A Blog Name?’ Sara decides to start a travel blog and tries to find the right blog name She finds the ideal name, only to find the main domain is gone She fights through her disappointment by actually setting up the blog with a holding name And Now, The Conclusion…..  

Identity Crisis – What’s In A Blog Name? (Part 1)

If, like me, you tend to overthink things, choosing a blog name can be traumatic; fraught with indecision, with occasional bursts of resolve, only to be scuppered by second-guessing. The process can drive you insane, sap any creative juices and leave you feeling defeated before you’ve even started. If you’re me, that is.  Which, as it happens, I am.   

Celica Art Hostel – Doing Time in Ljubljana’s Quirkiest Abode

Travel recommendations can be very hit and miss. Somebody’s ultimate luxury can be another’s pretentious overkill, and my road trip fantasies could easily be at loggerheads with your dreams of idyllic, palm-fringed beaches. So when a friend tells you that you simply must visit a particular hostel it’s tempting to first ponder how alike your travelling tastes really are. I’m glad I trusted him on this though, because on my first major backpacking trip, in the...

World Travel Market 2015 – A Rail Journey Vignette

I love the bleakness and romanticism of moorland areas.  I’m zooming through the New Forest on the way to World Travel Market 2015 and admittedly, I’ve only just looked up and out of the window. It’s taken me a full 10 minutes to find a seat I can settle into without twisting at an odd angle to avoid someone’s protruding elbow or some non-gentleman’s inconsiderate manspreading (that’s one of Collins Dictionary’s Words of 2015, don’tcha...

New Horizons – A Passage to Pluto

At 11:50 GMT (12:50 BST) today, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft should have completed its primary mission of flying past the dwarf planet Pluto.  We won’t know for certain yet if the probe survived, and at a velocity of 14km per second, even a tiny fragment of rogue space debris could be monumentally destructive. In just a few hours’ time, the probe is due to call Earth via a giant dish in Madrid, Spain.  Only then will...

Earth Day 2015 – Inspiring Your Travel Choices

I’ll freely admit that this year’s Earth Day event almost passed my notice…….as it has every year since I first became aware of it.   As timid and passive as it may sound, I am as beholden to the constraints of routine and day-to-day issues as anybody. Which means that, for now, I am just pleased to say I did switch all the lights off during WWF’s Earth Hour on Saturday 28th March. It’s not...

Rival Sons – A Tour de Force

Rival Sons, a Long Beach, California outfit who draw inspiration from many strands of blues, rock, soul, psychedelia and other genres, brought their refreshing blend of raw yet effective stagecraft to the O2 Guildhall, Southampton, on Saturday, 4th April 2015. 

Dragon in the Sky – Chasing a Total Eclipse

In March 2015, a partial eclipse of the Sun, visible from Britain, brought back fond memories of a frantic chase across rolling countryside on Wednesday 11th August 1999, the last time a total solar eclipse was visible from the UK (from the tip of Cornwall). Only this wasn’t the Cornish peninsula we were crossing, but the mosaic of French fields dotting the rural landscape in northern France.   Pin it for later