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A New Trend in Fusion Festivals

This weekend sees me returning to the great outdoors for my first Solarsphere Festival experience. It’s part of a growing trend in astrotourism activities and events around the world and I’m excited to be visiting a part of Wales (Builth Wells) I don’t know and combining 3 of my favourite things; travel, astronomy and music.

New Horizons – A Passage to Pluto

At 11:50 GMT (12:50 BST) today, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft should have completed its primary mission of flying past the dwarf planet Pluto.  We won’t know for certain yet if the probe survived, and at a velocity of 14km per second, even a tiny fragment of rogue space debris could be monumentally destructive. In just a few hours’ time, the probe is due to call Earth via a giant dish in Madrid, Spain.  Only then will...