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View from the Shinglemill Restaurant, Powell River

5 Things I Discovered About the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

That’s right, the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. In Canada, not Australia. If you thought this westernmost of Canadian provinces was all about the Rockies, the gateway city of Vancouver and great swathes of temperate rainforest brimming with bears, you’d be overlooking a fascinating little series of coastal communities that deserve to be equally celebrated.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Revisiting Favourite Places – Flashbacks of Canada

When you fall in love with a destination, and re-visit it after many years, there is often a slight risk that it won’t live up to the reputation your rosy memories have bestowed upon it. For starters, has it changed much since you were there? Are you even the same person you were then, or have your life experiences altered the way you see things? Will you wish you’d never gone back, and left those...

Light at the end of the tunnel

Identity Crisis – What’s In A Blog Name? (Part 2)

Previously, on ‘Identity Crisis – What’s In A Blog Name?’ Sara decides to start a travel blog and tries to find the right blog name She finds the ideal name, only to find the main domain is gone She fights through her disappointment by actually setting up the blog with a holding name And Now, The Conclusion…..  


Identity Crisis – What’s In A Blog Name? (Part 1)

If, like me, you tend to overthink things, choosing a blog name can be traumatic; fraught with indecision, with occasional bursts of resolve, only to be scuppered by second-guessing. The process can drive you insane, sap any creative juices and leave you feeling defeated before you’ve even started. If you’re me, that is.  Which, as it happens, I am.   

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Celica Art Hostel – Doing Time in Ljubljana’s Quirkiest Abode

Travel recommendations can be very hit and miss. Somebody’s ultimate luxury can be another’s pretentious overkill, and my road trip fantasies could easily be at loggerheads with your dreams of idyllic, palm-fringed beaches. So when a friend tells you that you simply must visit a particular hostel it’s tempting to first ponder how alike your travelling tastes really are. I’m glad I trusted him on this though, because on my first major backpacking trip, in the...


World Travel Market 2015 – A Rail Journey Vignette

I love the bleakness and romanticism of moorland areas.  I’m zooming through the New Forest on the way to World Travel Market 2015 and admittedly, I’ve only just looked up and out of the window. It’s taken me a full 10 minutes to find a seat I can settle into without twisting at an odd angle to avoid someone’s protruding elbow or some non-gentleman’s inconsiderate manspreading (that’s one of Collins Dictionary’s Words of 2015, don’tcha...

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Sowing The Seeds of Wanderlust – Latin America and Beverages!

The steam train glided majestically through backwater towns and stark sweeping vistas, and the latin rhythm of ‘La Colegiala’ embedded itself into my psyche. Then, very fleetingly, she was there – cool, sophisticated and independent.  Sipping her coffee and gazing out of the window, contentedly taking everything in.  That image of the unknown woman on her travels never left me.  She was meant to be me.  Or I was supposed to be her…either way, I vividly remember...